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From inspiration to creation

Interior Design · Interior Decoration · 3D Visualization

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I am recent Interior Design graduate at Cardiff Metropolitan University, looking to pursuing career in creative industry.

I believe that one of the main Interior Designers’ purposes is creating aesthetic experiences for people, concurrently providing resolutions for problems. Moreover, Interior Designers possess immense means for preserving world’s architectural heritage and revitalising obsolete objects, whilst acting for the benefit of the environment dilapidated by the mass production and consumerism culture. Simultaneously, their capabilities used wisely, should promote continuous improvement and maintaining symbiosis between wants and needs of people and the ecosystem. 

Being driven by a particular ethos my projects’ foundations are based on an equilibrium between focus on language of a host building, narrative of the space, client’s culture, and social and environmental responsibility. The project development for me is like a transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. A complex process leading to unique outcomes, preceded by a great deal of researching, analysing, critiquing, learning, developing and achieving.

Drawing inspiration from distinctive ideas my ambitions revolve around creating exceptional and individual spaces, yet modernized and multi-functional. Tailored to the particular users’ requirements my projects strive to provide places for experience exceeding customers’ expectations and provoke smooth conversations between host buildings and new concepts.

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„Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.“

Albert Einstein

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Adrianna Krystyna Soberka

(+44) 7518 841998

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